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Nalder & Blake understands that quality legal representation in the business environment is vital to the overall success of any business and for nonprofit organizations.

Recognizing that business disputes can have an adverse impact on your business operations, we will work with you to achieve your goals through evaluating the issue presented and then by developing steps to accomplish your objective.

Our team of attorneys is experienced in negotiating disputes whether between counsel or through some form of alternative dispute resolution. If negotiation fails, we will aggressively represent your position in order to achieve an optimal result under the law. Our Idaho Falls attorneys work with businesses to understand and address its legal needs, including:

Business Formation

Business formation is often the first major step for entrepreneurs establishing new companies, since your business structure can be used to secure financing, executives and other major pillars holding up a company. We can help you get a solid business structure in place so that you can provide your organization with the best possible chance of success.

How you decide to incorporate is going to come down to taxation, record-keeping and liability. When you’re ready to structure your business, we will walk you through the steps — explaining the process along the way. Call us to learn more about setting your new business up for success.

Contract Drafting & Disputes

We routinely assist our clients in drafting contracts in such a manner so as to avoid certain issues that could cause problems regarding compliance. For those clients already involved in a contract dispute, we will assist you with evaluating your case, determining your goals, and implementing a plan to accomplish your objective.

When litigation becomes unavoidable, our attorneys are prepared to represent your interests to accomplish the best possible outcome. We believe that consistent communication with our clients is essential to success in litigation. We also believe that providing timely updates to clients best prepares them in the event an opportunity for resolution arises.


If you extend credit to your customers/clients – unpaid customer invoices, bad debt, and delinquent account receivables is a segment of doing business for many business owners, companies, and corporations, large and small. We understand the frustration of trying to collect on delinquent accounts and the financial burden and time strains it places on your business and busy schedule. The stalls, excuses, and false promises of debtors are a huge drain on your time and energy and further tap your resources.

If you have not been successful in getting your customers to pay after sending past due notices and all of the above mentioned it might be time and the best solution is to hire a debt collection attorney. Collecting on past due accounts can be confusing if you are not versed in debt law.

Hiring a debt collection lawyer will take the burden off you and your company resources so you can continue with your daily business. Nalder Blake  Law Office provides specialized debt recovery lawyers, investigators and legal staff that can find customers that have skipped out or attempt to hide assets. The attorney may engage in filing a lawsuit or arranging for a provisional payment plan from the debtor on your behalf. Customers that receive a letter threatening legal action from a debt collection lawyer normally produce relatively better and faster results than a letter you send from your company.

Most debtors do not want to be on the receiving end of the ‘gavel’ in court in front of a judge and bringing an attorney to the table on your behalf will motivate most to pay their past due debt, rather than explain to the judge why they failed to pay you. The customer knows that fee disputes will also result in litigation or mediation costs for them so your decision to hire a commercial debt collection lawyer will hurry things along and help you collect the monies owed.

Having Nalder Blake Law and their team of legal specialists to help you better understand the solutions and your rights for collecting on non-payment accounts helps you have a position of clarity and strength in this matter.

Construction Litigation

Construction projects are fertile breeding grounds for disputes and conflicting claims often arise between the many parties involved in any given undertaking. Our Construction Litigation team has extensive experience in resolving the full range of claims that can arise before, during and after construction projects.

We know that construction projects can be enormously complex and risk-prone undertakings and that, to be effective, attorneys representing participants in the construction industry have to, as our attorneys do, understand their unique customs and jargon.

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Emphasizing litigation, personal injury, worker’s compensation, professional malpractice and family law. Although we cannot guarantee any particular result in a case, the attorneys at Nalder & Blake, PLLC work hard and smart to obtain the desired outcome.