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Nalder & Blake believes that the single most pervasive problem in legal representation is a breakdown in attorney client communication. We understand that most clients seek legal assistance because they need someone who will very clearly and succinctly explain their legal rights, responsibilities and options. We make a concerted effort to always keep our clients informed about important issues and developments in their case, to communicate promptly regarding deadlines and other time sensitive matters, and to fully explain the status of the case. Part of our unique perspective is our willingness to “play it straight” with our clients regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their case. Our role is twofold. First, protected by the attorney client relationship, we obtain from our clients all of the relevant information regarding the case and answer whatever questions the client may have. Then we give a frank, honest assessment of the positive and negative aspects of the case, contrasting those strengths and weaknesses with the strong and weak points of the opponent’s’ case. We help each client make the best possible informed decision relating to the particular situation.

Our second, but equally important, role is as an advocate for our clients. We fight hard to protect our clients’ interests and believe that an attorney can be aggressive but courteous, candid but fair, yet relentless in obtaining the result the client desires. Combined with diligent preparation and experience, Nalder & Blake are zealous advocates for our clients’ with extensive experience in all stages of legal representation.

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Emphasizing litigation, personal injury, worker’s compensation, professional malpractice and family law. Although we cannot guarantee any particular result in a case, the attorneys at Nalder & Blake, PLLC work hard and smart to obtain the desired outcome.