Divorce Attorneys

When will my divorce be final?

A divorce is not legitimately finalized until the judge signs all the paperwork in your divorce case. The judge will weigh their decision on the fairness of both parties involved before signing the paperwork. At the very least, in Idaho Falls a divorce will take a minimum of three months, which is the shortest possible waiting period. Provided that it is a clean cut divorce with both parties being in agreement, your divorce should only have a ninety day waiting period.

However, if you and your spouse are unable to work out separating your assets, child custody, vehicles, inheritances, and other community property, the divorce could extend out to six months or more. All things considered, your family law, divorce attorney, will be able to guide you through any details that may come up during your divorce proceedings.

Some Divorce Techniques May Take Longer Than Others

Before attaining the judge’s assessment, the divorcing couples must make a decision on which legal process to aid in their divorce settlement. Several divorcing couples in the Idaho Falls area choose mediation or try to negotiate a settlement with their spouse rather than go straight to court. If there are any issues that can’t get resolved and your divorce ends up going to court, it will delay the divorce process.

The Length of the Marriage

If the couple is married for a short time, the divorce will not take as long as a ten-year marriage. Not only are there more assets to separate but most likely there are children involved. The decisions on which possession should go to the husband or wife could be more tedious than of a three years marriage. Meaning, dividing more assets could drag out the divorce longer than 90 days.

Couples Who Have Children Generally Take Longer to Finalize a Divorce.

If you have children with your spouse, it could cause the divorce to take longer. The main thing is what is in the best interest of the children! Sometimes divorcing parents don’t see eye-to-eye on this matter, which can prolong the divorce proceedings. If the parents can agree where the children will live, the process will move along much faster.

Finalizing the Divorce

A judge for family law cases always looks at all aspects of a divorce before signing and finalizing a divorce. With that said, all divorces are not final until a judge signs it. On the other hand, either spouse is entitled to have their divorce attorney file an appeal if you don’t agree to the terms of the divorce. If the couple is in agreement and they don’t file an appeal, the divorce is final as soon as the judge signs on the dotted line. If you live in the state of Idaho near the city of Idaho Falls, it will be easy to find a divorce attorney that practices family law for your divorce.