Divorce Attorney in Idaho Falls

What types of divorce are there?

When you’re at the end of marriage, it is essential to know that there are many different pathways to accomplish a Divorce Attorneys in Idaho Falls. Before proceeding forward, determine which option fits your situation. In some cases, a husband and wife are able to work through their divorce without difficulty. On the other hand, in high-conflict circumstances, you may need to follow different alternatives that your divorce attorney recommends.

Also, this could mean choosing another pathway than you initially planned. Regardless, knowing all of the choices can help to lower the chances of confliction, lower stress, and keep the cost down. For the most part, your family law case should move along smoothly. Let’s take a moment to look over the options!

Contested Divorce

In a contested divorce, the couples usually have difficulty agreeing on settlement issues or the getting the divorce in the first place. In fact, most couples argue over division of assets, dividing debt, alimony, child support, and which parent gets custody of the children. This type of divorce is the most complicated, which causes the process to take other steps before finalizing, including pretrial motions, negotiations, and hearings. If worse comes to worse, it could even go to trial to settle any differences that can’t be resolved.

Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, the couples can reach an agreement on all matters of their a family law case. They can file together as both being the petitioners and receive the divorce according to their terms. In this case, the divorcing couples can hire one divorce attorney to draw up all the necessary paperwork. Another option is to file the divorce paperwork agreement to the court together as a couple without a lawyer. By not using an attorney you could save money. However, the divorce may not go through as planned if you don’t do things correctly. By all means, take the option that suits your needs.

Divorce Settlement

Almost all divorces become finalized without ever needing to go to court. In this case, it is generally handled by all parties involved, including the divorce attorney. Meaning any negotiations between the divorcing couple is done through their attorneys. When they come to an agreement, the divorce papers are drawn up and filed. If the judge on the case finds the deal beneficial to both parties, the divorce is signed by the judge and finalized under the terms of the agreement.

Mediated Divorce

Mediation is a way to resolve unclear divorce issues outside of court. For the most part, a mediator is a neutral party that will not gain anything either way. They listen to both the husband and wife and help the couple to come up with a resolution or common ground. Then, the divorce is presented to be signed by the judge for finalization.
No matter which divorce you choose, there will always be a good divorce attorney in idaho falls at Nalder & Blake Law available to assist in any family law case you give them.